Great Kitchen Designs

When you look at great kitchen designs you may fall into three categories:Kitchen one bigYou have a large spacious kitchen.

Kitchen two modernYou have a modern kitchen

Kitchen three smallYou have a smaller kitchen and need space.

The size is important of your kitchen from a family size point of view or from a functional point of view. If you’re kitchen is a open kitchen where the focus is on everyone spending time in the kitchen than you need to have a design that is very welcoming. If your home is a closed kitchen it needs to functional for people to get what they want and have room to cook. If the kitchen is small you need a design that reflects a open space to maximize counter top space to cook, entertain and have enough room to move about the kitchen. A good kitchen designer will take into account which type of couple or family you are. The designer will need to ask you do you like to cook? Do you entertain? are you one to spend time in kitchen? Most of today’s home are designed with the kitchen being a main focal point where people come and communicate so most homes are designed with an open concept. When looking at your own home and you’re looking to update the style of your home you need to figure out what type of kitchen you want your house to become. It’s always a good idea to go and visit open houses or model homes to give yourself ideas. Typically a whole redesign of kitchen with a architect and contractor will cost you over $20,000. If you do it yourself the cost can be $2500.00 to $10,000 depending how handy you are in designing and implementing your plan. The bottom line with a great kitchen design is make the kitchen, inviting, functional and a place where you can entertain.